Are you boring and tired of traditional English learning methods? So try the method of learning English through the interesting game that H123 will introduce to you in this post.

  1. What is learning English through games?

Learning English doesn’t always require discipline, seriousness, and rigidity. This will lead to learners feeling unmotivated and dry during their studies. Therefore, the method of learning English through the game was born to help learners feel comfortable mentally and interested in what they are about to learn.

Compared to the traditional dry learning method, learning English through the game is a method of mental relief for learners, especially for those who like to play games, which is better than doing what you like and learning.

  1. Effectiveness of the method of learning English through the game

The method of learning English through games is a learning method that combines the type of learning and playing. It includes benefits such as

A. Diversity of the learning environment

Most games that help learners study while playing have different contexts and settings, which will put learners in different environments to help them get used to all kinds of situations so that they can learn how to use the language according to each type of situation.

Another benefit of learning English through the game is that learners also have the opportunity to practice communication skills through online games, when players choose foreign servers, players will have the opportunity to interact and communicate with native speakers right in the game.

B. There is no mental pressure during school.

A study has shown that when the mind is relaxed, the acquisition of knowledge is 3 times more effective. Unlike traditional learning when students may still be under mental pressure when faced with problems and assigned assignments, learning English through the game makes learners feel comfortable and not pressured mentally.

C. Learn anytime, anywhere.

The special feature of the method of learning English through the game is that you do not need to follow a certain timetable like a regular class, instead you can choose any time frame that you like. Moreover, you can learn everywhere because this is a game, you just need to bring your device.

  1. Practical benefits of learning English through games

According to a 2003 Asian EFL Journal report, the results of learning a foreign language will double when using the form of learning and playing. This also proves that learning English through games has been validated effectively, helping learners to acquire knowledge quickly, and memorize for a long time instead of the traditional way of learning. Here are some practical benefits of learning English through the game:

  • Motivate you to learn English.
  • Reduce anxiety, stress, and pressure when learning.
  • Practice a variety of English skills with just one game.
  • Be proactive in terms of time and place.
  • Create an innovative, positive, fun, and exciting learning environment.
  • Provide context, learning context, and use of English.





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